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Genre : Indie, Simulation, Sports

Size : 3.4 GB

Year : 2018

Platform : Pc

Developer : Metalhead Software Inc.

Publisher : Metalhead Software Inc.

Release Date : 1 May, 2018


Game Play

Screen Shots

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 8 or newer (64bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DX11 compatible
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 8 GB available space
Additional Notes: Controller required for Pennant Race mode


How to install:

- Extract The file.
- Play and enjoy.

Important Note:

- This release is standalone. 
- This file includes All DLC.


Game Review:

Super Mega Baseball 2 is one of the best games of the year. I know you might think that is just first day hyperbole, but SMB 2 really captures the great gameplay of games long past like Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball, Bases Loaded, and Baseball Stars, but with so many modern touches.

Super Mega Baseball was an extremely fun game, but was limited in a few areas. The sequel expands on almost every option to make this a must own game for any sports fan. Online multiplayer is probably the best feature added. This will allow almost unlimited replay ability. There are multiple modes to be experienced such as co-op, versus, and a unique online mode called Pennant Race. Another great feature is the team customization. You could edit a few things about your players in the previous version, but now you can edit almost everything. You can create uniforms, logos, team names, player names, player ratings, and player appearances. So you can truly create any baseball universe that you want.

The EGO system returns so you can build a custom difficulty that really fits what you are good at it, and maybe not so good at. I cannot overstate how much this custom difficulty really helps keep the entertainment level high. You can tweak the level to make sure you are never just scoring 10 runs a game every time, but also prevent you from being shutout consistently as well. The EGO system also involves different sliders for your fielding, running, and pitching.


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