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Genre : 2D, Pixel Graphics, Rpg

Size : 574 MB

Year : 2015

Platform : Pc

Developer : Radical Fish Games

Publisher : Deck13, WhisperGames, DANGEN Entertainment, Mayflower Entertainment

Release Date : 15 May, 2015


Game Play

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System Requirements: (Minimum)

OS: Windows XP
Processor: 2 GHz dual core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory


How to install:

1. Extrac The File Or Burn The ISO 
2. Install The Game 
3. Copy The Crack To Installation Folder (If Needed) 
4. Play & Enjoy the Game.


Game Review :

Background: While not a backer. I did play the original demo (on Newgrounds- there’s a phrase I haven’t typed for a while) and bought it about six months ago through the Humble Store. I did want to wait until it was fully released to experience it. But ended up starting a playthrough shortly after the v1.0 release date was announced.

At the same time, if you’re looking at Steam reviews you probably want a more personal perspective. So here’s mine.
-The combat is fun, but not super challenging. A lot of options are given to you, with enemy types that encourage you to use your full arsenal, but most of the enemies’ patterns can be picked up within the first couple encounters.

I’m also pretty sure that those dash and guard Arts were within the first ten hours of the game- I don’t remember using them at all, really, in the second ten hours. Hopefully Garden and beyond ramp up the enemies with odd/difficult Breaks like the sharks or jellyfish.

-Due to the (lack of) difficulty, it’s occasionally difficult to tell whether you’re over- or underleveled, and whether your gear is appropriate. Being able to see the levels of monsters and recommended quest levels is useful in that regard.

-The puzzles are nice, balanced such that you feel accomplished but also so that you aren’t stuck on one spot for half an hour. Fajaro Temple was a blast. I can see why some people said it was long, but it was a fun long, y’know?

I’ll close by reminding you that CrossCode is a great game. I’m happy with the 20 hours I’ve spent so far and the hours I’ll spend after the 20th.


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