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Genre : Action, Fps, World War 2

Size : 421 MB

Year : 2003

Platform : Pc

Developer : Infinity Ward

Publisher : Activision

Release Date : 29 Oct, 2003


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System Requirements: (MINIMUM)

OS: Windows XP.
CPU: Pentium 4 with 1.5 GHz or higher.
RAM: 256 MB or higher.
Video Card: 64 MB 100% DirectX 9.0b compliant Video Card with Hardware T&L.
DirectX version: 9.0b.
Sound Card: Yes.
Storage: 4 GB or higher.

How to install:

1. Extract the file.
2. Open "Game" folder 
3. Double click on "_Unpak" and wait for installation.
4. Double click on "CoDSP" icon to play the game.


Game Review:

Call of Duty, the very first in the juggernaut FPS series it spawned. Almost seems like a whole different game compared to its later descendants. Instead of contrived techno-thrillers and invincible patriots sprinting around with sci-fi technology, it gives us vulnerable soldiers taking part in the great and perilous historical undertaking.

The gameplay is generally grounded in realism, with cover, leaning and suppressing fire being important for survival. That’s not to mention you usually move through levels with squads of friendly soldiers, which at the very least means a little less enemy fire directed at you. Enemy soldiers have a smart and annoying propensity for hiding behind cover.

The regenerating health seen in later CoD games is absent here, with a traditional HP system and health kits to heal with instead. This alone gives the game a good amount of challenge, and on higher difficulties can prove kind of frustrating, or at least that was my experience with Hardened difficulty.

While I’m sure there were some soldiers lucky enough to survive like that in real life. Given the combination of HP/hit scan damage mechanics you’ll likely die a number of times during the game’s harder moments, or at least the bits without many checkpoints.

Reloading a save twelve or so times on a single segment slightly hurts the otherwise well-executed cinematic feel the game was going for, and makes it feel more…well, more game-y. Despite how realistic it may be to die quickly, and despite the genuine tension harrowing in-game moments can generate.

It’s a good experience as a result: like a war movie, but a humanizing one, not a jingoistic popcorn flick like later games in the series.


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