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Genre : Action, Shooter

Size : 2 GB

Year : 2005

Platform : Ps2

Developer : DICE

Publisher : Electronic Arts

Release Date : October 24, 2005


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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Review :


Looks like maybe by next holiday season because this is yet another port of a game. Also that had to be toned down from the PC version to begin with. The graphics are barely better than the Xbox version, which was barely better than the PS2 version.

The extremely better PC version would run 3 times over on the 360. So why EA has to be lazy with yet another port is completely ridiculous and unfounded. New character and gun models with some new textures and a better draw distance. Do nothing if it’s still jaggy as Hell and has PS2 pop-up and texture swapping on everything with the worst flickering shadows I’ve ever seen in a video game.

On top of that, the entire game still has the blurry. I guess that’s why they left the red noob diamond over everyone in the game. Including people on other sides of walls and tree lines that you shouldn’t see anyway just to balance out the lazy programming.

The SP is as boring as anything else I’ve ever played. Also online comes down to a mass spawn camping battles to where you try to take a spawn away from the enemy while they are spawning. Hence the mass spawn camping. Almost every time you die or the enemy dies, it’s in or close to where you or they spawned.

This is ridiculous. Didn’t we get enough spawn camping last gen in the Ghost Recon games? I guess not, because that is exactly what the online battles are exactly like, but this time with tanks and helicopters that never run out of ammo even though your rifle does. You’ll always know where to find the enemy if you do get out of your spawn…where?…in their spawn.

Why no death-match so people can actually move around the battlefield instead of being fed into bottlenecks that either get them sniped over and over or spawn camped 15 times in a row because you HAVE to go for preset areas? Which brings me to the spawn times…ungodly. Why do I have to wait 15 seconds sometimes to spawn, but others only 2 seconds? I’ll tell you why. Because the game is constantly on a 15 second timer that constantly counts down to 0 then starts back over.

The sound from the announcer is way too loud making you have to turn down the sound entirely. The mic doesn’t work most of the time so no one can hear each other and the shadows make enemies completely disappear so you get camped even more by a mysterious presence that you can never see. Pass this up, or get good at the game by making sure the enemy never leaves their spawn. Because this is exactly what being a better player at this game boils down to, and being average means sitting out for 90% of the game trying to spawn and actually move. Battlefield: Mass Spawn Camping would be a better fitting title


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