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Genre : Action, Shooter

Size : 3.5 GB

Year : 2005

Platform : Pc

Developer : DICE

Publisher : Electronic Arts

Release Date : June 21, 2005


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Battlefield 2 Review :


Battlefield 2 is one of those rare games that only comes along every now and then. Some players may be put of by environments being smaller than those in previous entries to the series, but from the start of the mach until the score readout, Battlefield is one journey you don’t want to miss.

With no campaign to play through, Battlefield can sometimes feel like a game that was not completely finished. This is counteracted though by beautiful and well designed environments. All of which have had an amazing level of detail that just wont be found anywhere else. Maps vary from small, tropic covered war zones, to large. Also open ended dessert battlefields. All of which are a breeze to get around thanks to a number of widely appreciated vehicles. You can step into the helm of a helicopter or jet and tear up the skies. Causing endless waves of destruction on the enemies underneath you, or sit behind the controls of a tank, or the wheel of a car. Battlefields huge environments are the factor that brings the game home.

Whats a war game without Action? When you select a map for an online battle or a single player experience. You can choose from a list of well designed classes. All imperative to the success of your team. You can be an engineer, repairing vehicles and turning the tide in battle as a result. Or a heavy weapons operative, sporting an explosive firing missile launcher that can stop the enemy driving into your base with a tank. No matter what your choice is, there’s a class for everyone. Also everyone feels like the team relies on them as much as anyone else.

Battlefield 2 Second Review:

Being a long time player since 1942, I recently picked this game up again. If you can get over the horrible, HORRIBLE hotboxes, which at times make melee and head-shots seem within the realm of impossibility. This game is great. But back to the hotboxes. It seems the developers of Dice think the human head is about 2 inches in diameter.

Because you have to land a sniper shot right on the nose to hit. I don’t think there ARE any hotboxes on the arms. The legs and feet? yes, ‘cus you can shoot them when their legs jut out through walls while proning. On a more positive note, The maps are huge and unique in geography. The vehicles are very much fun to use, all of them, except maybe the inflatable landing boats, and the combat roles the different classes play out is refreshing.

The sniper can lay down clay-mores and sit back, plunking enemies from, in some maps, perhaps up to a quarter of a mile away, considering he/she is good, and has a good gaming rig, the combat medic can heal allies, and revive those who were fragged, saving them from having to re spawn back at base, the support guy can lay down suppressing fire and resupply his allies with ammo, the spec ops guy can sabotage bridges, vehicles, and team assets (such as artillery and UAV trailers) with sticky C4 charges (pity the soldier who takes off in a jet only to have it explode in mid-flight from a hidden c4 charge stuck on it’s body),

The engineer repairs vehicles and lays down anti-tank mines, the anti-Armour troop works on destroying said vehicles with wire-guided rockets (note that the Armour guy in bf2 has his own gun ALONG with a pistol, not just a pistol like in 1942), and the assault guy…. pretty much is a meat-shield. He focuses on pure murder-power, but he can throw smoke and flash-bang grenades, now. The only negatives to this game in comparison to the older ones is that there are no pilotable naval units in the game like in 1942. The aircraft carriers are part of the environment, and cannot be controlled, and there are no subs or destroyers.

Also there are no long-range artillery units anymore. Also, I miss being able to jump into the landing crafts and ride them without actually entering them, like you could in 1942, and similarly you cannot ride the black hawks in the same fashion, like in BF: Desert Combat. Vehicle riding may be considered unbalanced in most games, but considering the scale of most of the maps, and the fact that BF2 was developed on realism, and in the real world you may see up 10 or even 20 soldiers piled onto a moving tank or APC like penguins on a melting iceberg, the concept should have been kept.


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