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Battlefield 1942 Free Online

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Genre : Action, Shooter

Size : 2 GB

Year : 2002

Platform : Pc

Developer : DICE

Publisher : EA

Release Date : September 10, 2002


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System Requirements: (Minimum)

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How to install: (V 1.61)

1. Extract The File Or Burn The ISO
2. Install The Game
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4. Play & Enjoy the Game.


Battlefield 1942 Free Online Review :


Battlefield 1942 is real classic and i own a copy of every battlefield there is. Also i own physical copies of Battlefied 1942. Vietnam and Modern WArfare (Not the greatest of the series but the first to hit concoles) I also own a copy of Battlefield 3 on Origin.  4 was a complete joke due to EA forcing Dice to rush the production in under a year, thus I speak not of it.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 comes with a high reccomendation from myself as a veteran of the series. Coupled with graphics that have aged extremely well over the past 6 years. Solid gameplay and amazing destruction for its time. This game offers an experience no other Battlefield has yet to do. With a sound engine that supports 7.1 Surround, graphics that look and still feel real, and large maps with balanced classes and vehicles. This game is still to date my favourite of the series.

Now for the sad part… Battlefield Bad Company 2 is slowly dieing out. Servers are become ghost towns as players are drawn to the c**p that EA forces its development teams to pump out. I beg this of thee, please purchase this game, come experience it with me, bring back the life that was one so bright, join us in keeping this game aloft in our quest for giant and beyond fun battles. Show EA that a great game does not come from its amount of DLC. But from the love of a lasting community that is will to pay for a single product, and continue to play it even decades after its release. Help us keep this game going, come join us… The Battlefield awaits you.

back in the day and have always missed the simplicity and fun factor, especially after playing BF3/BF4. I never played BC:2 until now and wasn’t sure how it would compare. About 2 minutes into my first game. Equipped with the basic M24, I sniped the gunner out of the chopper that was lighting up our team. This is almost an impossible shot when playing BF3/4. In BC:2 it’s not quite as ‘sim’ like and makes it that much more fun. After that I was hooked.

BC:2, as many will tell you, is the last great Battlefield for so many reasons. No more grinding for (or buying $$) the best guns! This game is all about skill, and if you are reasonably experienced with FPS games you will play competitively from level 1.

This game is so much more balanced than BF3/BF4, and best of all NO Origin! The only DLC you can buy (other than the camo pack) is Vietnam, which I picked up because of the great reviews, but I’d skip it. It’s online only and the servers are empty. The main game however has dozens of full servers as of 11/30/14. For $5 this is an easy purchase.


If you like the game then Please buy it to support the developers  Battlefield.